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11 August 2016

What do u know about Rat road Cars ?

What do u know about Rat road Cars ?
If you are passionate about classic collection of Automotive vehicle , you should know about these all things about Rat Road.
 Just Look at this Pictures..

The era of Rat road was starting earlier 1940's 50's and 1960's. It's also known as free style , Customized classic automotive, conjugated in features  but overall Awesome.
Some People called it's customization of older car to get new classi , fabulous look.

Most Of Rat Roads are look unfinished but it's the way it is complete and hot. It's own style choose antique different from else. It ma look like world's first automobile vehicle Ford's Model T , but not all are the same. 

In earlier times people use RAT ROADS to show other that how they being drive on the Roads freely with creepy and loud sound of silencer. So other people may notice the presence of the owner like Traditional wear.

At that time automobiles are not built with complete hoods, Bonet, Engine cover, bumpers OR extra features front of it. Insted of all these things are kept OPEN to visible to others.   The Original reason is quite different we could't think about that. The Paint Crome was lesser available  during  that time of years. So people used to kept hood same as the unfinished part with out painting on it. From then it became a new ERA of kept vehicles looks like this and named "RAT ROAD"  

Although remain all things are kept same as things are in other vehicle like Chassis , Interior , Paint and finishing on It, suspension and Driving kit means Drive train (Power Plant of Car).

Now a days People are used to collect all these cars as antique collection for show or personal interest. Of course it's new generation and people used hybrid , hatch back , SUVs , Sports but trend of RAT ROAD cars are and will be not down. 

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