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22 August 2016

A bike with four wheels , Battery Powered Eletric Bike with amazing features "E-WAZUMA"

The bike name is E-wazuma. It's look so odd than ohter bikes that has four wheels than two. but on extra feature it look amazing, Outlook design is typical because of Engineering Methods.

There is a car manufacture basically from FRANCE, named Lazareth takes whole manufacturing franchise Near by Geneva, switzerland. This perfect designed bike is powered by 40-horsepower, 361 Pound-feet of torque

This manufacture company also famous for producing the another four wheeled bike Maserati LM 847 with the 470 horsepower, V-8 engine inside it.

There are many types of four wheeled bikes available in market but with the only feature with Internal combustion engine. So this may differ from all others. The manufacturer company says that untill now this is the only prototype that exhisted but we are going to expand it to became common road vehical in Metro city.

Currently in market there is no any compititors for main manufacture company so it will so easy to go through market sales of all products with diffferent kind of features that helps Eco friendly nature.
that's why it names E-Wazuma.

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