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19 June 2016

BMW, Mini and Roll-Royce revealed Its Future vision with Next new concepts cars

The German car manufactures continues to celebrate its 100 year celebration by showcasing concepts. Also, all of these concepts also depict the future of BMW’s autonomous cars.

  • MINI

The classic Mini has been trying to be turn a glassy type house with modern technology with cutting edge features. The front seems like exactly as the retro Mini face, but with hexagonal glass tries to make a massive different look of  the current car’s layout. 
The side and the rear  views are where it is able to carries more acceptable friction less drag force to make an smooth running action of the current car design & also the floating roof, which may helps to view display the classic race strips at its or the equipments’ directly. Talking about other features, the exterior bodywork is  available with an integrated with The New an electronic screen mechanism, which displays all sorts of shapes and colors.

The Interiors of this new Mini available with the current essence of the generation technology integrated with the car. 
The front dashboard is a rail-like element which allows driver to interface easily with the steering wheel and 
the pedals to slide to any side of the dashboard. 
So, this concept is no longer bound by the country you drive in or the very concept of ‘driver’s side’.  
It also carries the retro dial at the center of the dash, which changes all sorts of colours.

  • The Rolls-Royce's Next vision 

As per the outlooksit will be called the yacht,but it is definatly like this new design of Rolls Royce takes to the classic era Rolls Royce imagination. 
It is obvious that the vehicle is electric, so it means that Next Gen Car of The RR takes a li'l step towars green energy which helps organisation as well as the entire world to step into new future.More space helps it liberate for the luggage compartment in the car's the front & back hood. There is only one door for entry which devide into twoparts which suggest that it will lead into a suicide door and a door to offer easy enternce & leave easily. you can also search its video on YouTube.

Talking about interior, The massive cabin is laced with a thick layer of carpet and high quality silk,with massive look of the exposed wood panels. It also gets a wide landscape-like screen that could probably tell the futuristic sucess of the concept car.

Rolls-Royce Dawn will be launched in INdia

Rolls-Royce will be launching a two-door, four seater convertible- "The Dawn" 

The Dawn was first showcased at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. The company also claims that the Dawn has enough room for four adults to sit comfortably and the only parts that it shares with the Wraith are the doors and the grille comfortable according to surround.

British carmaker 's RR The Dawn will be available with a massive 6.6-litre & twin-turbo V12 which gives a huge output power 570PS of maximum  and  with epic 780Nm of peak torque at wheels. The Dawn will be available with an 8-speed ZF gearbox. The Dawn is powered by the rear wheels drive.

The Dawn is loaded with lots of new features. like with a Satellite Aided Transmission which uses GPS to predict the road ahead of the car and helps to adjusts the transmission accordingly to the position & traffic control systems Etc.
It also available with The BMW's massive technology  iDrive system with a 16 speaker best audio system.

CBU(completely built-up unit) of  Rolls-Royce's the Dawn will be launching in India on June 24 as per the official news. 

VW Group's ‘Strategy 2025’ a next step towards Green Future

The VW Group has recently announced its future aim to build 3 Mn totally electric vehicles by 2025 in its ‘Strategy 2025’. This number means one of four cars leaving VW factories globally will be an EV.

As reports The VW group announces to launch as many as 30 individual electric model. The Head of the VW group " Muller" suggested that, if VW’s electrification plans come to fruition, it would need around 150 gigawatt hours of battery capacity each year." 

Müller said VW also wanted to became Next generation cutting edge of The Green Future of the automotive industry over the next decade. Although the mainstream global car business will experience big growth in SUVs, crossovers and budget cars, the future lies in more electrification, autonomous ability and connectivity to the 'cloud'.

The First electric vehicle which will developed  by VW group will be launched in 2021 near by.

The New (Next-gen) Toyota Prius with solar roof

The next-generation Prius plug-in hybrid gets  the rooftop solar panel for recharging the batteries. That makes a green step for manufacturing companies for making world a bright future.

This new feature of PH cell can improve the car’s efficiency by up to 10 percent approximately as per the report.

Sun power only amplifies the economics  of car leads to the greenest vehicles. The photovoltic cells cells charge the car when it is at rest or it parked and can increase fuel & overall  efficiency by as much as 10 percent on  electric-hybrid vehicles may times.

Toyota doesn’t have the technology to laminate the photovoltaic cells in a resin that won’t shatter dangerously during a rollover.the company is currently working on a solution so that it can introduce the solar photovoltic panels to the U.S. version of the car.

This vehicle  plug-in Prius will be called the Prius PHV. in JAPAN. It is announced whether the solar panels will be standard or optioned in the Prius PHV.

Besides from recharging the batteries during a stand time, the solar photovoltic panels also  albles supply electricity to accessories such as lamp Or power windows and air conditioning when the car is running, As per the report

13 June 2016

Harley Davidson Release Plans for Electric Motorcycle

Harley Davidson sure hopes so, as they have announced plans to produce an all electric motorcycle, within 5-years. Currently the bike is “actively under development,”

Harley Davidson reveled ‘The LiveWire Project’, an electric motorcycle prototype that was demoed at the International Motorcycle show and many other shows across the country. The demo bike was on a computerized like machine that walked the rider through starting and shutting down the engine, as well as allowed you to roll the throttle back and forth to get a feel of the bikes responsiveness.

The demo prototype was an unimaginably far cry from actually riding the motorcycle, but it does provide riders with an impression of the bike’s power. Notably the impressive torque, almost instantaneous – with reports of 0-60 is less than 4 seconds.

The biggest, and most obvious problem is the bike itself – electric. This will certainly prove to be a particularly hard sale to Harley fans. An electric motorcycle is about as far removed from the brand image of Harley Davidson as you can get. No rumble, no in-the-face fumes, no vibes, and no HD spirit as found in it’s other road hogs. One rider actually commenting that it sounded like it was from an episode of the ‘Jetsons’ and lacked the traditional Harley rumble that so many people love.

YouTube - Auto Thunder

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