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30 August 2016

Five amazing facts about AUDI you should know it ..!



August Horch founded his first car company, A. Horch & Cie. in 1899. But just 10 years later, Horch wasn’t seeing eye-to-eye with his Chief Financial officer and left his own company to start August Horch Automobilwerke GmbH. Unfortunately, Horch soon learned the Horch name belonged to his former company when he was notified of a copyright infringement.
In response, Horch changed the new company’s name to the latin translation of his last name. In German “horch” means “hear,” which in Latin is “audi”.


Four car companies make up the Audi Company and the four-ring logo represents each one of the companies. DKW, Horsch and Wanderer are the three other companies of the “quattro”. This was also known as the Auto Union.


In 1938, crash tests were first carried out by Audi. These tests gave the company an idea about how the car would behave in case an accident occurred. Without realizing it, the company had set a precedent for all other car manufacturers.




The RS 2 was the first of Audi’s high-end performance cars and the first of a long line of fast Audi wagons. It would have never happened without the performance expertise of Porsche.
Bodyshells from the Audi 80 estate, on which the RS 2 was based, were shipped to Porsche in Stuttgart, where they underwent a thorough transformation. The turbocharged 2.2 liter 5-cylinder was tuned by Porsche to produce 311 horsepower. Porsche also supplied the braking and suspension systems.
Thanks to its quattro all-wheel-drive, and the Porsche tuned engine, the RS2 was able to out sprint the venerable McLaren F1 to 30 mph.

What is the pressure test In Automobile ?

It is based on the machine with plumbers and gas fitters to check for leaks. In a two-stroke engine, the pressure test is performed to ensure that the engine has no air leakage. A leak or exhaust air in a two-stroke engine can cause improper air-fuel mixture in the engine, causing serious damage to the engine (piston seizure, detonation, etc).

Note: There is no way to ensure that the engine does not have an air leak without performing this test before starting the engine. So before you finish mount you can make this check and know if we have any leaks by crankshaft seals or other party and fix the problem.

How the test is performed?

For pressure testing engine, we will need some special and simple mechanisms. Cylinder, cylinder head, box blade, spark plug, etc., must be all installed and tightened correctly except the exhaust and carburetor. (unassembled also we leave the party and clutch on to have crankshaft seals in sight).

How the test is performed?

For pressure testing engine, we will need some special and simple mechanisms. (See below detail the instructions for building your own tester to perform the test pressure to test the engine. Cylinder, cylinder head, box blade, spark plug, etc., must be all installed and tightened correctly except the exhaust and carburetor.

We must make a steel plate or aluminum housing exact size of the exhaust and also manufacture a rubber gasket of the measure which is housed in the cylinder base to prevent leakage. If the engine has more than one cylinder, must cover all tailpipes with this system.

In making carburetor tester pressure will be placed. The pressure gauge shall be screwed into a piece of Teflon or other material and can be constructed to be set to enter the carburetor decision, remember that it can not leak. (It can be placed with a shot rubber clamps as if it were a more effective and simple carburetor perhaps). If the engine has more than one cylinder must plug the other shots carburetor. In some engines may be necessary to plug the vent hose transmission.

Once the gauge is 6 pounds of pressure is fixed and is expected for about 6 minutes after that time should not be lowered any pressure.

If the pressure drops, you have to moisten with soapy water seams and joints of the engine parts (crankcase crankcase, cylinder-crankcase, cylinder head, seals, spark etc. ..) where there is an air leak will bubble.If after six minutes samples no loss in pressure, pressure equipment is disassembled and continue with the motor assembly.

Construction of the pressure tester

All parts can be found in any store dedicated to the sale of materials Tyres (Compressors, Hoses for guns etc ...) and the price is small most expensive is the gauge but as low pressure is not expensive & you should make it be able to do depending on the brand gauge.

small sheet steel or aluminum to cover the escape.
Sheet rubber material for the board

Cut the sheet to fit and make bolt holes to screw into the cylinder. Do the same with the rubber seal.

Place the plate in place. Use a small amount of fat on the board to help make the final seal and tight. (If you have a useless old escape, you can take advantage of cutting the elbow as close to the cylinder, about 2 cm long, and taponarlo with a plate welded so you will be guaranteed that you will not have leaks and served in that engine to carry out all checks we want).

Pressure Tester


PVC pipe snugly into the intake port (or the outer diameter of the intake port to attach them to a wall tight with clamps rubber personally prefer this way because a tube inside the other is easier to have and performing leakage is also simpler)

A between-threaded plastic tube 3/4 x 1 inch.

A tube fitting 03.04 (body) having the female threaded 3/8 for the manometer housing and a housing for the air valve at the other end (the valve must have backstop, a valve tire it perfectly or else buy one with the mechanical seal through a nut to remove air from the engine easier (with the valve of a tire we must have pressed the "shell" or disarm, it would be the only drawback).

A low pressure gauge air.

Teflon plumber or anaerobic sealant to seal the threads. Assemble all the elements according to the picture on the left, using thread sealant on all threaded joints.

22 August 2016

Carburetors Vs Fuel Injector Comparision

Carburetors :

The working of the carburetors is simple. The air consumption is by the air filter and the fuel intake comes in from the fuel tank. The air and fuel merger together in a fit ratio and then passes to the combustion house for blazing and production of power.Here, when the throttle is twisted, the air float to the carburetor is reproduced which causes a swoosh of sucking force and hereafter the fuel visit from the stork is increase providing acceleration.

Fuel injection (FI):

The working of the Fuel injection program is greater computerized and works on a lot of sensors. The fuel injection nozzle is provided instantly in the combustion chamber. The air intake is measured by the air sensor location inside. There is a pressure pump which pressurizes the fuel which allows it oncoming atomized and hereafter inside the combustion house, the spray is in the form of a mist which allows for complete and cleaner combustion. The fuel supply is retiring by the ECU which is the computer controlling all the electronics of the bike. So when the air supply is reproduced when the constrain is pulled, the air sensor detects the rebound which disclosure is by the time mentioned fed to the ECU so that consequently the fuel amount to be injected is reproduced as well.

Advantages of Carburetors:

  •  easy to handle and low-cost to replace.
  •  rapid servicing.
  • On the go tuning and decor possible can be perceived up separately without disturbing the engine.
Disadvantages of Carburetors:

  • Diaphragm inside is light as a feather and can erupt which will end up to have it replaced.
  • The tuning behavior needs a big screw driver and has to be done physically.
  • There is a actual amount of lag in the regulation of fuel delivery.Old technology.
  • The air-fuel mixture ratio is not constant.
Advantages of Fuel Injection:
  • Fuel visit from the stork is optimum and fuel atomizing allows for complete combustion.
  • increase in fuel efficiency and power output.
  • Acceleration acerbity increases.
  • The air fuel mixture can be transferred on the go using different fuel maps pre-loaded on the ECU for variable power outputs.
Disadvantages of Fuel Injection:

  • Servicing of the FI party is cumbersome.
  • If there is an ECU defect, the bike will stop to work.
  • It costs a lot and the service and maintenance is invaluable as well.
  • Producing new Fuel maps needs loads of expertise.
  • Procuring new fuel maps is a costly affair.
Even mutually all the advantages and disadvantages of both, Fuel injections still have the upper hand over carburetors only because of the quicker reaction and better power produce, and further not to mention that they do help free the emission levels a lot in check. So if given a choice, always go for the FI party fitted bike, for all that do remember that it will focus a premium.

A bike with four wheels , Battery Powered Eletric Bike with amazing features "E-WAZUMA"

The bike name is E-wazuma. It's look so odd than ohter bikes that has four wheels than two. but on extra feature it look amazing, Outlook design is typical because of Engineering Methods.

There is a car manufacture basically from FRANCE, named Lazareth takes whole manufacturing franchise Near by Geneva, switzerland. This perfect designed bike is powered by 40-horsepower, 361 Pound-feet of torque

This manufacture company also famous for producing the another four wheeled bike Maserati LM 847 with the 470 horsepower, V-8 engine inside it.

There are many types of four wheeled bikes available in market but with the only feature with Internal combustion engine. So this may differ from all others. The manufacturer company says that untill now this is the only prototype that exhisted but we are going to expand it to became common road vehical in Metro city.

Currently in market there is no any compititors for main manufacture company so it will so easy to go through market sales of all products with diffferent kind of features that helps Eco friendly nature.
that's why it names E-Wazuma.

17 August 2016

Boss Hoss The World's most powerful bike...😱

Yes, i am talking about Boss Hoss haviest bike
not as only in terms of weight but also in Power , torque, Engine CC, compression ratio, exhaust system ..

This motorcycle have Liquid cooled V-8 Engine with the power of 445 hp of horsepower and 445 Ft.lbs of torque at 4750 rpm.

As transmission system 4-speed automatic overdrive with 2.5' dual mufflers exhaust system with multi point fuel injection system.

The wheel and tyre specification of front & rear are as 130/90-16, 3.50"x16.0" , 235/60R-17, 8.0"x17.0". Simplify as The aspect ratio in % (the height of the sidewall divided by the tyre's width),
Denotes the tyre's construction type - in this case it's a radial, Rim diameter in inche, Load Index.

As in suspension system it consist of inverted forks and air ride. In Brake system at front and rear uses dual piston calibers floting disks. Tank's capicity is 8.5 Galen of gasoline.

Boss Hoss is actual American motorcycle manufacturers erlier in 90's by by Monte warne who is the founder of Boss Hoss.

The price of this triller bike is quite expensive but not same like the other bikes as $ 54 K in US.
Photos from Hoss Boss Official site.

16 August 2016

What do you know about Lykan HyperSpot ?

You can said that Hyperspot is One of the unique and extremely perfect creation of Engineering. Lykan hyperspot is at the top in the list of most expensive cars. Tge general look of the car from inside to outside is superficial with super fashionable features make you more comfortable than any other.

Talking about other features, Exterior of Lykan is made from military grade thin material that is more reliable than conventional materials. It"'s just look like the 3D hologram picture that makes more impressive look from outside. Outer surface  is extremely tough with thick layer on the roof. These layers make a perfect impression of hyperspot that Unbreakable Car ever.

From the side view you can see the spike shapes with pointed shape and lines on it.Technically it is called "TORNEDO LINES". It is there because to perform aerodynamic function to get more speed. These shapes are designed with highly calculated aerodynamic functions. Final step of tornedo lines complete with the help of  engineering.

Small vent is provided at the bottom end of doors to get the more benefits of air passing through it. These Tornedo lines are equipped with the design that hepls to  decrease car's air resistance. So that no more consumption of power is required. From the rear view to front view each and every Tornedo lines are diffrent in shape with different functions at their positions.

You may know that headlights of Lykan is astonishing because of The LED head lamps front of it.
Titanium LED bulbs and diamonds are used for make it more dizzling. From the buyers choice and capacity number of diamonds are decided like 420 diamonds In it.

Interior of this stunning Hypercar is stiched with goldish colour. Front instrumental panel and Roof is look like holographic picture's real penetration on it. Like real application of brighter and lighter astonoshing view. Instrumental panel keeps interaction with driver's hand gesture to make better control over it.  Like media player, Rear OR front view .

Company also ables to feet gemstones and precious platinum material in cabin. Normal hykan spot is equipped with light weight carbon fiber.

The power train of Hykan spot come with twin turbo F6 engine with 708 pound feet torque ,
500 KW - 750 KW horsepower. Transmission system is either 6 speed sequential manual transmission OR 7 speed dual clutch PDK system .

Only 7 units  were produced in the market around with $ 3.4 million of each of them.
-keep thundering.

13 August 2016

Futuristic Green Vehicles of Next generation

In the history biggest change is being happens in the TRANSPORTATION. we can clearly see that transportation models of ancient times and currently used hyper cars how they are far away from each other just like the ocean and the sky !!!

Today's topic is same as interesting as all these history and future vehicles.

Currently whole world have been moving to put self-driving essential feature in the vehicles whether it is hyper spot cars OR two wheeler sports bike.  

In other hand some researches shows the amazing engineering prototype of flying car with practical move in the sky. In the end of 2015 "SOLAR IMPULSE" named aircraft which is an experimental solar powered air craft project which was gone successfully  in 2016. So ow they will panning for launch next experimental aircraft project "SOLAR IMPULSE 2"  within few months.

In the revolution of trains few more patent ideas of tesla was remain unsuccessful  through his life. But now a days In america MOSCOW city with the higher engineering technology company are trying to make "Hyper loop Trains" for the city transportation to reduce time on it. So it will also be possible in next few years.

China recently developed the practical model of "straddling bus" concept that actually runs on the road of city of it. They make clear vision about future green environment with new technology along with vehicles. It can able to carry more than  300 person same time whether it was traffic OR not. It can run all over on the road at the height of 15 meters. so that no worry about other vehicles which were stuck on the road because of bad traffic conditions.

In 2013  The company named "Aeromobil" officially invented a beautiful integrated flying car. That may able to turn completely from automobile to airplane. The car have perfectly created infrastructure and more about it may parked in common parking lot so no worry about to make it more catchy for special parking space. Same uses the same gasoline as others so you can able to take it any where in this world. They are also on the way to make it more better the now with the carbon fiber which weights loss and more strength on it with the higher implementation of advanced wing technologies. 

Through out there were some futuristic technology that Future vehicles may run on water. So no need of gasoline as fuel. Researches showed that by the deforming of water it releases Hydrogen and oxygen.using oxygen as fuel it may become danger So by the use of "Hydrogen" as fuel it can stored to cold storage and able to supply fuel continuously by deforming of water. So no more cost of gasoline on it.

Recently TOYOTA car manufacturing company revealed "FCV CONCEPT CAR" that able to run on hydrogen fuel.

                                                                                                                   - bhargavgajjar7

11 August 2016

Facts about Ford Mustang from 1967 to 2016

The first Mustang was introduced on 17th APR. 1967 at New York's Fair. Actually the name Mustang was suggested after the world war 2 on " MUSTANG FIGHTER PLANE"S " name.
Mustang is one of the favorite hot roadie vehicle from the invention. The special muscle look at front and side view same as horse. what about the power plant of Mustang ?

Produces 310 HP with Eco boost V 4 cylinder, 2.3 liter at 5500 RPM with torque of 320 Nm  at 3000 RPM, 300 HP with Turbocharged V 6 , 3.7 Liter at 6500 RPM with torque of 280 at 4000 RPM. Amazing horny sounds came when it ignites with full power. Using Aluminium block material Engines are made to reduce over weights on it.

All the models of Mustang whether it is EcoBoost , GT,  GT 350, GT 350R OR V-6 all are use six speed manual transmission. T-56 type of manual transmission is used in many vehicles as are General Motors, Dodge, Ford. They mainly used PSM (Pulse Code modulation ) for engine electronics device for make better control on it. It is the same as Standard forms of Digital audio in computers, Compact Disks, Digital audio applications.  It is simplest form of WAVEFORM CODING from analog  to digital. 

In EcoBoost and V-6 Mustang DAMB ( direct acting mechanical buckets ) are used for valve lifting mechanism. But in Other models of  GT, GT 350,  GT 350R mainly used Roller finger followers.
Fuel delivery is done by Direct injection, Sequential multi point electronic fuel injection with PSI system. Dual bright slashed cut used for the Exhaust with active valves and quad tips. 

It's interesting fact for mustang that there was no convertible type of Mustang invented. In 1977 the first mustang classic model with convertible was rolled out in market. 

Only double joint type MacPherson strut with an extra stabilizer bar is available for front 
suspension system in GT and GT 350 R. As damping system Magneride system is used.  

Ford plans for to launch next generation sync-3 system that replaces Touch part of Mustang in Premium packages.It may make more user friendly connection with driver to take more effective voice command , real view, traction OR stability control over just on a board with single click.

What do u know about Rat road Cars ?

What do u know about Rat road Cars ?
If you are passionate about classic collection of Automotive vehicle , you should know about these all things about Rat Road.
 Just Look at this Pictures..

The era of Rat road was starting earlier 1940's 50's and 1960's. It's also known as free style , Customized classic automotive, conjugated in features  but overall Awesome.
Some People called it's customization of older car to get new classi , fabulous look.

Most Of Rat Roads are look unfinished but it's the way it is complete and hot. It's own style choose antique different from else. It ma look like world's first automobile vehicle Ford's Model T , but not all are the same. 

In earlier times people use RAT ROADS to show other that how they being drive on the Roads freely with creepy and loud sound of silencer. So other people may notice the presence of the owner like Traditional wear.

At that time automobiles are not built with complete hoods, Bonet, Engine cover, bumpers OR extra features front of it. Insted of all these things are kept OPEN to visible to others.   The Original reason is quite different we could't think about that. The Paint Crome was lesser available  during  that time of years. So people used to kept hood same as the unfinished part with out painting on it. From then it became a new ERA of kept vehicles looks like this and named "RAT ROAD"  

Although remain all things are kept same as things are in other vehicle like Chassis , Interior , Paint and finishing on It, suspension and Driving kit means Drive train (Power Plant of Car).

Now a days People are used to collect all these cars as antique collection for show or personal interest. Of course it's new generation and people used hybrid , hatch back , SUVs , Sports but trend of RAT ROAD cars are and will be not down. 

for more visit us on you tube channel.

Automotive Tech


09 August 2016

Top Concept vehicles that make more impact on Automotive industry From Model T to Hyper cars.

The automobile industry's revolution from Ford Model T to Bugatti Vayron and also Grown up with Hyper Cars in the world. These alll are made to make achive the speed of ocean like Vroomm  with effective efficieny and human conversation with it. All new models with different kind of asspect with more effective features and more comfortable drive whether it would be seadan , hatchback, Economical, Sports OR any other all are fore here for the perticular purpose.

Trending now a days Electric Motor vehicle  called the Greeen Cars of the future are also try to step into market. The effective use of renewable sources are at the high pick. It will more comfortable for nature as well as Human Being.  Tesla is one the compney that makes all efforts to make eletric vehicles more reliable as well as available to all people.

Invention Of IC engine is revolutanary invention but now to makw whole effort to make our future pollution free that is replaced by Electric Motor which is powers by Battry.  That may keeps power to altornator.

There are tremundus of diifrent technology appliences applied on these vehicles. But in this video shows my favourite collection of automobiles with technology. Starting with Ford's Model T with Simple mechanical allighnment of cross members with no extra features besides of sitting arrengement , while compare these to current trends automobile vehicles eqquiped with touch screen navigation , Front and rear parking cameras, ABS Anti lock braking system, Fully Air bags with a/c  & heating system, Automatic pressure sensor in wheels , Automatic rain sensing device and lot more.

Even in Mercedes F0105 concept you just dont need to concentrate on road while driving OR your hands on the wheel. equipped with stunning interior with mobile connect feature that u can also ables to access your vehicle through Smart phone. Updated front panel navigation with touch screen interfarance , shows all the information including GPS and road condition. Also there are many sensers that on F105 that helps to navigate any thing that interface to it automatically whether it is object or Human.Highly illuminated LED bulbs that consumps low power helps to ake it more reliable and powerfull. It is Fully ZERO emmision future car of the world.

Audi invented new interface screen panel that shows temprature level all through vehicle , GPS system in 12.3 inch TFT display covers 1440*550 of rezolution.all are is available in Audi's new Cockpit virtual Technology.

Talk about Tesla, they made history with electric vehicles to sell all over the world. Last model of Tesla is Model 3 with awsome fluent design features , Luxary , cool interior with more entertaning features inside it. This car has 17 inch of touch screen navigation screen panel in side of driver's seat. To make all comfortable change whole over in the car it can be able to adjust by one click on panel. It make more rich content to driver with out any distraction on the road. so it means less accidents & happy life more and more.

Not ony four wheels are on pick about that point here also is a two wheeler scoother that makes much attraction with people. The strating of scooter only possible with bluetooth 4.0 connedcted with smart phone of user. makes more connectivity gives full information about battry charge level also u can give more illumination to bike's head lamps through application. Means more comfortablr and easy to handle it with more custamization.

How we can forgot the BMW's leser powered head lights. One of the gratest invention of the year goes to BMW for leser head lights. ables to make your path more illuminate upti 650 yars which is twice more than conventional headlemps of car, These are more intense to give illumination with less power consumtion. It can also stop with camera based laser beam technology, if car is shining head lamps on opposite side han camera beam laser system makes side illuminate path to an predefined angle than default. these makes more comfortable driving situation to opposite person when driving in night. so no more blinded drivers and nomore accidents. That aso ables to detact human or Aniaml on roads more than 300 feet away, that helps to prevent any accidents.

Keep with Us ....Auto Thunder.

03 August 2016


Honda developed VTEC (Variable Timing and Lift Electronic Control) to improve the volumetric efficiency of a four-stroke internal combustion engine. Ikuo Kajitani, engineer at Honda was the first involved in the development of these four-valve engines. The Honda’s VTEC system uses two camshaft profiles and hydraulically selects between profiles.

As the engine moves into different rpm ranges, the engine's computer can activate alternate lobes on the camshaft and change the cam's timing. In this way, the engine gets the best features of low-speed and high-speed camshafts in the same engine. 

YouTube - Auto Thunder

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