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01 February 2018

Infiniti Q at The Detroit Auto Show 2018

Nissan's luxury car maker Infinity has just released a new Q Concept car at the Detroit automobiles show 2018.

There is something new Infinity has showed, a scoop style four doors and a long panoramic glass roof. The exterior design is quite impressive at first look with impressive curves on the body. A new aggressive sharpen nero brand new grill with narrow front lights put on the front side which look likes future styling electric car. Not only Nissan but the other car makers also are going with a creative way to develop their own EV with brand new features and quite impressive mileage with the single charge. The tornado lines of the infinity Q is just as impressive as interior.
The sharp edge of back with a newly designed of brake lights makes more stylish. The design will probably hit the infinity is concept 9 which was revealed last year. According to the Nissan it will come with allall-wheelive and a touchscreen mountain at the side of the door. the handles of the door have been removed to make quite impressive look from the side. At the front of the car dashboard has been replaced with numbers of  multifunctional touch screen Steering Wheel, which is equipped with all the functions of normal car. 

The power train is equipped with VC Turbo which is a globle developing Technology across the world. it may be also features Nissan new propilot semi autonomous car driving assistance. Soon they are looking forward for the production of concept q by 2019.

YouTube - Auto Thunder

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