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03 November 2016

Hydrogen Powered vehicles

It's trending now a days that automotive industry step forward to the comfortable & bright future. On which some things included like New inventions that gives automobile industry an unique evolution.Hydrogen generator is one of them. I'll discuss briefly about cons, application, theory, etc.

The working of Hydrogen generator is just upon electrolysis process. when water is passed through reverse osmosis ( RO ) process it cleans all the germs to make it more purify. But still some needed for the good conductor of electricity. even after some still remains in pure water, they can't removed by simple process.
On the practical  basis we can't store hydrogen gas in dry & hot area for long time. As we all know that is highly explosive all the time so, be aware of it. On the other hand there are some safety steps for preventing hydrogen leakage. With the use of simple iron ROAD the electrolysis is done. There are few steps that you can made it at home. The more numbers of plates t
here more effectively electrolysis happened. So bring any rectangular pieces of steel Or iron. make holes at each corner and rivet them with plastic seals & long bolt. Make sure it is tight with right nut.

now, joint two wires to in two corners & connect terminals to the battery. With a proper vessel pour it with water. Joint the wire ends with  batteries 2V, 6V or 12V. all work best. Some videos also there for homemade HHO generator which is economic & best.

Put Hydrogen gas pipe into inlet manifold so when acceleration is given some part of hydrogen gas is directly given from HHO generator chamber. So, directly hydrogen gas is fed into cylinder chamber & it uses hydrogen gas as fuel into vehicle. This all mechanism doesn't require any big space for fit. Just a bit small space which is usually  found on any vehicle even in bikes also.

YouTube - Auto Thunder

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