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22 February 2016

motorized bicycle or an e-bike- A Bright future of the world

Electric bikes are the motorized bicycles that can provide you an easy and comfortable ride without actually exhausting your legs. If you are dead tired and still want to explore the neighborhood of the new place you have landed onto then your electric bike might be the only angle on the spot. 

You can sit on it and even with minimum peddling you can cover all the streets you intend to travel.
You might have shed a few drops of tear on the thought of not having this super exciting thing because you are too much emotionally involved with your current bike and you don’t have the heart to throw it out of your life. To all those who have by now shut every hope of buying a brand new motorized bicycle, we present you with an amazing information that can lead you to the cloud nine. You can keep your current bicycle and convert it into a motorized one. This can be done by using a good e-bike kit. Now the question is how on the earth will you be able to do the operation all by yourself? 

Don’t worry; the e-bike kit that you buy will certainly have an installation manual that will help you to do all the steps correctly. You can also ask one of your geek friends to help you with the understanding of the technical terms used in the manual. Even after that if you feel confused with the wires then you can go through the popular videos in the various web channels. The kit contains a list of items such as specialize wheels that supports a motorized bicycle, several cables, a power charger, a system that will assist peddles, left and right brake devices, controller, etc.
But before you invest your money on a motorized bicycle or on an e-bike kit you must do some research on it. 

There can be many people who will definitely help you finding your electric bike but don’t just rely on their favorite brand or the taste of color! You need to know your requirements; whether you want something that is completely motorized or you just want an assistance to your peddles? What kind of motor do you want your bike to have? A cheap motor will do or you want an expensive one? And of course the kind navigation equipment that are available with the kit.
After doing all the research you must have got impatient about buying your first electric bike but you don’t know where to find them. Don’t be upset because electric bikes aren’t something that is only used by the aliens in the Mars! 

You can find them in any standard bike store or you can ask one of your tech savvy friends to install an electronic bike kit on your regular bike.

09 February 2016

2016 Auto Expo: Honda Navi

With the Help of  navi, Honda was planning to tap the rural market with a bare basic motorcycle. But during development stage, the officials came up with a new prospect. An idea of a mini motorcycle for the urban market which will be different from anything the Indian market has ever witnessed.

The Honda Navi is a combination of motorcycle and scooter but in a scaled down avatar. Let us explain it further, the Honda Navi looks like a motorcycle with its riding dynamics similar to a normal commuter motorcycle. But the powerplant is automatic which means that it doesn’t have a manual gearbox similar to a conventional motorcycle.

  • Power & Performance

The Honda Navi is powered by the same automatic engine as seen on the popular Honda Activa scooter. The 110cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder motor churns out 7.9PS of power at 7,000rpm and 9Nm of peak torque at 5,500rpm. The motor is mated to a CVT transmission. Given our experience with the Honda Activa we can vouch for a fact that the engine on the Honda Navi will be extremely refined and reliable as well. Talking about performance, Honda claims that the Navi can hit a top speed of 81kmph which we feel is a conservative figure.

  • Suspension & Cycle parts

Honda Navi is the employment of telescopic front forks. The telescopic front forks should result in a more comfortable ride quality on the Navi as compared to the Activa. The popular scooter uses trailing link suspension which has a tendency to judder while going through potholes. At the back a spring loaded hydraulic type suspension setup has been used. The frame is based on the Activa but has been redesigned specifically for the Navi and Honda calls it under born type frame. Tyre specs are 90/90 R12 at front and 90/100 R12 at the rear. Braking is done brakes on both the wheels.

YouTube - Auto Thunder

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