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22 December 2015

The Lamborghini #AVENTADOR

Auto Expo 2016: Complete List of Upcoming Bikes in India

Auto Expo 2016 is the most awaited Indian bike and car show of the coming year. The show goes live from 5th February and ends on 9th February 2016. These 5 days would be full of new launches, upcoming cars and bikes plus the best possible concepts from various automakers. The venue would be India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, Delhi.

Three different categories of tickets are available for the Auto Expo.

  1. Business hours on weekdays (10am-1pm) - INR 650
  2. General Public hours for weekdays (1pm-6pm) - INR 300
  3. General Public hours for weekends (10am-7pm) - INR 400

The official list of 2-wheeler manufacturers participating in the event has been displayed at the event website. Bajaj Autos, Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson have stepped out of the event, making few launches like 400cc Bajaj CS and RS, Himalayan and other Bajaj bikes unexpected for the coming time. 
The tentative list includes following manufacturers:

DSK Benelli/Hyosung/Keeway

Benelli is expected to launch its popular Leoncino Scrambler, Tornado 302/300 and TRK 502/500 at the Auto Expo. All these products have been displayed at the EICMA 2015 and count as an important addition to updated Benelli lineup. On the display, we can expect TNT 15, TNT 25 and all the minor facelifts or color additions to the current lineup.

21 November 2015

Ford’s drug-driving sim suit

You’ve heard of beer goggles? Well, Ford has created a “Drug Driving Suit” to simulate the effects of driving under the influence of drugs.
The unique suit is part of Ford’s free Driving Skills for Life training for young people aged 18-24.
Research shows that drivers are up to 30 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash after taking illegal drugs and the suit simulates effects such as slowed reaction, distorted vision and hand tremors.
“Driving after taking illegal drugs can have potentially fatal consequences for the driver, their passengers, and other road users,” said Ford Driving Skills for Life Manager Jim Graham.
“We have already seen how the Drink Driving Suit has a dramatic effect on those who wear it behind the wheel, and are confident that the Drug Driving Suit will have a similar impact.”
Now in its third year, Ford’s next DSFL event will take place at the Excel Exhibition Centre from November 20-22 ahead of National Road Safety Week.

01 August 2015

The BMW i8

Engine :-

Type :-                        i-3 1.5 litre

Power :-                     225 hp @ 5,800 rpm (170 kW)
Torque:-                     236 lb·ft @ 3,700 rpm (320 N·m)
Induction:-                   Turbocharged
Power to weight ratio:-169.9 W/kg
Bore :-                          82 mm
Stroke:-                       94 mm
Fuel type:-            Premium

CO₂ emissions :-          3,802 kg/year

Eletric Engine :-

Power :-                      129 hp @ 4,800 rpm (96 kW)

Torque :-                184 lb·ft (249 N·m)
Battery type :-              Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Energy :-                     7 kWh
Voltage :-                     355 V
Charging time :-         120V, 10A : 3.0h
                                    240V, 15A : 1.0h
                                    400V : N/A
Cooling :-                    Liquid
Transmission :-          6-speed automatic
Drivetrain :-                AWD

30 March 2015

Aston Martin DB9 successor being developed

The new Aston Martin DB9, scheduled to be available in global markets in 2016, has been spotted undergoing tests.  If the manufacturers will retain the DB nomenclature or come up with a new one is still unclear.

The appearance is that of a slightly modified current DB9. The mule appeared to be testing chassis and internal components. With an all-new bonded aluminium platform, the DB9 will be powered by a new twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre AMG V8 motor. The engine will be mated to Mercedes’ new nine-speed automatic transmission. The new V8 will develop 503bhp and 66.2kgm of torque.

“There’ll be a little more revolution in it. It will be unmistakably an Aston and a DB at that, but it will look fresh and modern”, said Aston Martin design director, Marek Reichman said about the shape of the new car.

Although AMG will not deliver a bespoke version for Aston, it will alter existing engines to respond like an Aston Martin engine. Bespoke engine management, exhaust systems and modified turbo-boost pressures is expected.

13 February 2015

Honda, Toyota & Nissan Join Hands For Hydrogen Station Development

Japanese automobile manufacturers currently are the leaders in terms of sales. Honda, Nissan and Toyota are the top three names in the industry. All of them are looking into the future for a sustainable and non-polluting environment.

 All three Japanese automobile manufacturers are finding ways to make fuel cell vehicles more easy and convenient to use. The major drawback is that there are not many fuel cell station in place currently. Now Honda, Nissan and Toyota will join forces to accelerate the setting up of these hydrogen stations.

The Japanese Government will help the three automobile giant achieve this goal. They will be providing subsidies and will be introducing certain policies as well to accelerate setup of hydrogen fuel station in Japan. The three manufacturers believe if this process is delayed the popularity of fuel cell vehicles could decline.

The three manufacturers had set up a roadmap in June, 2014. They are now following this map and trying to build as many fuel cell stations as they can for their products. The three Japanese giants will also come up with several initiatives to help in Government aided hydrogen stations.

Honda currently offers its FCX model, which works on fuel cell technology. 

Toyota has recently launched its Mirai in selected markets and it is based on the manufacturers FCV concept vehicle. Nissan will be launching its fuel cell vehicle this year, they are currently leading sales with electric vehicle Leaf.

11 February 2015

Scooters coming to India in 2015

For this year, the scooter market will continue to post the incredible growth numbers that we have seen over the past few years. While nudging the Activa off its pedestal is extremely unlikely, you can be sure that there will be many, many automatic scooters that will enter the fray in 2015. The market is still expanding and it's too big a market right now for scooters to take away each other's share. Here are the scooters that you would be able to buy in 2015 as the year progresses.

Bajaj Auto Limited
Rajiv Bajaj has been pretty clear repeatedly that his interest in the scooter market remains     weak despite the strength of the market. We are certain that Bajaj's dealers would be a         lot happier with scooters to sell.

                                                                        Hero MotoCorp
Hero has the Pleasure and Maestro in the market right now but as we learnt at the 2014 Auto Expo, it has aggressive plans.
The Hero Leap is destined to be India's first hybrid scooter, that too developed by Hero with some help from Erik Buell Racing. Hero revealed that the Leap was to go on sale early in 2015 and that should mean that a launch date should be coming soon. The 140kg Leap gets an 11PS 124cc engine as well as an electric motor. 

The range extender hybrid should hit 100kmph with help from its 8kW/60Nm electric motor. Expect the Leap to be expensive and appeal to those who'd like to make a statement more than those who want a utilitarian or ultra-efficient scooter.

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India
Let's get this clear. Even if Honda refresh the Activa in 2015, we don't believe the scooter will get any significant improvements outside of styling. This is because the Activa's dominance in the scooter market, as well as in Honda's sales numbers makes it too important to tinker with. Will it (finally) get telescopic forks this year? We're going to say no. Honda will not fix what ain't broken.

Mahindra Two-Wheelers
 We think that the models in the current range will all receive updates. In the process, all the scooters will gain performance as well as economy.
Mahindra Two-Wheelers should also introduce a completely new platform during this year. Our guess would be either a 100cc platform for entry-level scooters or a 125cc platform that replaces the current 125cc engine with a thoroughly new powertrain and chassis.

Suzuki have seen good business from the Access, Swish and Let's. Next we expect the excellent Let's to form the basis for other Suzukis, including a more masculine looking version and perhaps a slightly larger family version as well.

TVS' Scooty Zest 110, as we've repeatedly noted, is a notch above the rest of the scooter class. 
TVS is also likely to have a new sporty scooter based on the Graphite concept from the 2015 Auto Expo ready later this year. Will it go on sale? TVS is tightlipped and we are, as ever, hopeful.

The Fly 125 (pictured) has been rumoured to be headed here. But the fact is that Vespa sales are neither hunky nor dory and there's a desperate need for products that will utilise the enormous two-wheeler factory Piaggio have in Baramati.

Yamaha have tasted unprecedented success in India with their line of scooters that began with the Ray. In 2015, strong rumours say, Yamaha will release their 125cc line of scooters into battle. Being a Japanese company, they say absolutely nothing on the subject, but we believe the launch is set for March or April, 2015.

Yamaha's Ray has been a good story for India and we would think that it should have reiterated to Yamaha that Indian products that taste success are usually specific to our country. Transplanted products tend not to be volume successes. In that vein, we would believe that Yamaha would be working on an India-specific 125cc engine featuring a carburettor and efficiency-oriented engineering. If they can bring the set of tweaks they call Blue Core to bear on this engine, they might actually have one of the most efficient scooters in the 125cc market.

06 February 2015

Suzuki iK-2 and iM-4 compact SUV concept unveil ahead of Geneva Motor show

The Suzuki iK-2 premium hatchback pre-production concept and iM-4 compact SUV design study will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 early next month. The duo have been teased ahead through dark silhouette images.

 A short glace of the iK-2 Concept’s teaser image is more than enough to know that it indeed previews the Maruti YRA (Hyndai Elite i20 rival) premium hatchback which was already spied without any camouflage. With a body length and profile in a territory between a regular hatchback and an estate, the iK-2 concepts attempts to strike a balance between compactness and practicality.

It’s reported that the YRA will debut a new 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine while inheriting the 1.3-litre diesel motor from the Swift. More details on the technology and powertrain are expected to surface at the world premiere.

While the iK-2 is a production ready concept, the iM-4 is a design study. The concept previews a compact 4×4 SUV which is designed under the theme ‘Shape the Inspiration’. The fresh design proposal from Suzuki is compact, has a bold stance, flared wheel arches and a humongous C-pillar.

The company says that the vehicle is packed with new technologies and distinctive design that will give inspiration to the drivers. The size suggests that the design study could potentially lead to creation of the aging Suzuki Jimny’s (closely related to Maruti Gypsy) replacement.

28 January 2015

Nissan plans to launch IDx concept

Nissan is officially under the microscope after their presentations at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show focused on the new Titan pickup and Q60 Concept, but lacked any and all mention of allegedly production-bound examples of the Q50 Eau Rouge, IDx and BladeGlider EV concepts.

The lack of info on the three concept cars, which had previously heralded a more performance-minded Nissan  has signaled a shift in priorities at the Japanese company. Instead of driver-oriented models, emphasis is seemingly being focused more on volume offerings.

Nissan was subject to a pair of high-level executive departures last year, with both Andy Palmer and Johan de Nysschen departing for Aston Martin and Cadillac, respectively. Both execs were strong proponents of more driver-oriented offerings, with Palmer championing the compact, rear-drive IDx coupe and de Nysschen backing the high-performance Q50 Eau Rouge.

16 January 2015

09 January 2015

BMW M4 Iconic Lights Concept launched

BMW has showcased the next generation of laser illumination called Laserlight. Laserlight is now able to offer its impressively long beam range of up to 600 metres in combination with the BMW Selective Beam function.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, BMW is unveiling ways in which Laserlight, extensively integrated with assistance systems and vehicle sensors, can be used to implement new intelligent lighting functions for enhanced safety and comfort.

Laserlight can work with the navigation system to illuminate corners well in advance, while  a laser-based Dynamic Light Spot can provide early warning of people or animals at night from a distance of up to 100 metres. In terms of design, the LED cluster harks back to      the typically twin barrel headlamps that have become a BMW trademark for the last few 

OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) , which give  light from wafer-thin  semiconducting layers of organic material. For the first time, both the tail lights and rear direction indicators feature OLED technology presented. The illuminated surfaces are  positioned  to produce a three-dimensional effect. 
OLEDs also take up less room on account of their thin size while using less power than normal bulbs.

OLEDs produce light uniformly over their entire surface which in turn leads to better illumination and a free hand to the designers.

Toyota Tacoma Pickup will be Launched in 2016

The Toyota Tacoma decided to launch the compact or mid-size pickup truck segment. Although this segment has been ignored by many automakers for some years, it now includes the completely new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon twins, as well as the Tacoma and Nissan Frontier. In the past, rivals have included the Ford Ranger and Dodge Dakota, among many others.

Tacoma provide "The two engines are a 159-horsepower 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine, and a 236-hp 4.0-liter V-6. Since its launch, towing capacity has rise from 5,000 pounds to today 6,500 pounds in the suitably equipped V-6 model."

06 January 2015

Hyundai will launch Blue Link Android Wear App at CES

Hyundai is all set to unveil its new technology - the Blue Link Android Wear App at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This new app gives Hyundai's smartwatch wearing customers ability to access various remote controls for their vehicles right from their wrists.

The wearer simply needs to tap on the screen of the smartwatch or use voice commands to execute remote functions. The Blue Link smartwatch app allows Hyundai owners to remotely start, lock and unlock doors as well as find their car in a crowded parking lot.

Microphone icon on the smartwatch activates the voice function, where the driver can execute commands such as 'Start / Lock /Find my car'.

The Blue Link smartwatch app must be paired via Bluetooth to an owner's smartphone that contains the Blue Link mobile app. Remote functions can then be executed from almost anywhere as long as the user's smartphone has a Bluetooth and Internet connection.

This app is compatible with Samsung, Motorola, Sony and LG smartwatches. The Blue Link Android Wear App will work with any Hyundai model that comes with the first or second generation Blue Link service.

Hyundai will showcase its Blue Link Android Wear App at the 2015 CES that is scheduled to begin from January 6, in Las Vegas. This app can be downloaded for free from Google Play in the first quarter of 2015.

YouTube - Auto Thunder

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