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20 June 2017

Tesla's model S: Secret unveiled: A brief technical inspection

We all know that how Tesla's Model S is being too popular among the people of US, Canada and other countries but still many people don't know the proper reason behind the technical reasons so we are now going to look deeply into Tesla's battery system, power drive, gearbox, extra usable space, Wheel Drive, Security and other extra features.

Here is the first thing that Tesla introduced The battery system, not by using a huge battery pack system but instead of it they use small battery cells in series and parallel which are quite too many to arrange it.

The main advantage of the small battery system is there is no extra loss of heat during the drive went to cells are in proper working condition. It is the mean this advantage of use battery system that heats up more when the battery is in full working condition.here Tesla introduced a new system to avoid extra heat from the battery back to install a coolant system between the path of series and parallel system.this may help a car system to remain cool during full working condition and to work efficiently for longer Time than forecasted. Both systems give same power but the small better system is too easy for handling and there are no further issues of heating anymore. 

The second thing is the power Drive approximately 100 years ago Nicola Tesla invented is AC power drive which is generally called synchronous motor.  to convert DC's power into AC there should be an inverter so Tesla introduced a combined power drive system which contains an inverter and a synchronous motor we all know that too very the speed of synchronous motor there should be a change in frequency of AC power. Which can easily be provided by inverter by the higher frequency of AC power they should be a higher rotation of output shaft of the synchronous motor not only because of this combined power drive system there is no need for gearbox system. The Accelerator is directly connected to inverter through a microchip which controls the frequency of AC power from the small battery pack system. 

In engine power-driven vehicles it is the main disadvantage that System cannot go further limit of RPM like 2000 to 4000 RPM. But in the case of the inverter and synchronous motor combined system we can go to 17 to 18000 rpm in short range of time. There is no gearbox so the friction loss is not their overall the total power can directly transmitted by the power system. 

so that it can be also helpful for overall efficiency when the weight of the car is too low when the gearbox and the engine are absent. In addition to that, we have more extra space for usability. 

The third one Tesla used simple open differential system instead of highly complicated slip differential system.  the main reason behind using open differential system is it can transmit more torque then slip differential system. The traction control problem can be controlled by selecting backing and cutting the power supply. Weather in IC Engine cutting the power supply is not too responsive to traction control problem.  In this system, the power supply rate is highly responsible for using controllers and algorithms.  They just replace the large complicated system with a smart software.

It used the single speed transmission system that transfers the power by two steps. It is much is here to reverse them. The vehicle by only changing the face of induction motor the RMF changes into opposite direction and as an output drive will rotate in reverse direction.
In addition, the regenerative braking system is too useful. it means that RGB saves the K.E. of the car into electricity. In such case the same induction motor works as a generator, here will drive is the induction motor and Powell stored back to the battery pack.

These are the main reason that Tesla's Model S is more efficient than any other IC engine powered vehicle.

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