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02 May 2018

Can we predict the futuristic goals of The Autonomous car sector?

Tesla had already launched its Seld-Driving mode car "Model-3" which is generally known by AUTOPILOT MODE. which will be definitely gonna be more interesting as the only goal is to develop more comfort & artificial intelligent security. But the question still remains the same for all "What can we predict from self-driving cars in nearest future?" Can an autonomous car be truly safe in the world with the various driving condition and as more secured to human error? 

As per my opinion, it truly depends on the driving condition. suppose you are late for office and you have less time to reach office. OF COURSE! you could choose self-driving mode & spend some moments to relax your mood. And if it is weekend, then truly you will enjoy a long drive with Manual Driving mode with your family. yes, its truly depend on you. lot's of people like driving, and on the other way idea to give control of your car to an intelligent machine!  But this is only possible when the autonomous car manufactures shows green signals to safer Seld-Driving experiences to the public.

we can not forget the headlines from the past few years that up to 15% of new vehicles sold by 2030, it could be autonomous. as per the reply of  Hans-Werner Kaas, " obviously technology will remain the first question at all. Autonomous means more sensors, followed by a combination of multiple sensor technologies in one. but the technological barriers are still the same."

There is a solution called "Level four Driving". yes! currently manufactures are working on the same subject considering various on-road conditions.  The very first need is to set up roads in the way that can easily transmit data to hardware module & ensure that car is actually safe. To strike the balance between these two things technological improvement should be higher. on the other hand, the thing which matters to all customers about vehicle hardware. which means multiple sensors working capability, sufficient computer power within the car, advanced algorithms that detect pictures within the fraction of second and work on it. combining all the sensors, hardware modules and software solutions are they actually helpful in real traffic situation? That's the real technological challenge for manufacturers. But suppose you are on a highway, separated lanes, good weather, all good with traffic signals, it could be less complicated for AI machine to figure out an exact solution. which is only possible when the car is on a wide highway, Ex. Europe. but it cant be helpful to the small city with average road conditions. 

For a working autonomous vehicle, manufacturers should have a clear vision about emerging technologies that could be more helpful to sustain it against predicted errors. when its all about sensors, can camera-based sensor be still useful?  The main thing is to detect visual surrounding of the car in any conditions so the input will differ from light-based pictures to the ultrasonic pictures. so it could be really really difficult to combine all these input conditions and make a single algorithm.

still, we have some points that shouldn't be forgotten. When the whole point is about electrifician, it should be more efficient and sustainable with the environmental condition. second is Digitalization of connectivity. so it should be very large that can useful for one car to other, Wirelessly or wired. Third is advance driver assistance. It's the only thing that is too useful to move from driver operated car to driverless. so it could be more advanced with diverse of mobility that one can switch from one to other. It could be more attractive to the customers if they get a single variant for all seasons. Like you preferably choose SUV for winter, a convertible for summer and something other for another season. some of the manufacturers like Tesla, Google, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagon, Volvo, TATA, Scania, BMW, Delphi & GM are on the same thing to design a complete package that can fir in any season. and what else it could be, may be we all get to know about it in future.

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  1. overall nice article.

  2. The idea that AI technology will take over the wheel for humans is still weird for me. It feels like the moves are getting more true than ever. I don't know if I would trust self-steering if I had a car that have one but its interesting how companies like Tesla will bring it to the next level.

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Can we predict the futuristic goals of The Autonomous car sector?

Tesla had already launched its Seld-Driving mode car "Model-3" which is generally known by AUTOPILOT MODE. which will be definite...