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20 September 2016

Facts about Tesla and it's gigafactory you should know..!!!

These are some fun facts about Tesla Motors you should know about it
  1. Tesla motor was't the first to share it's patents. Nicola Tesla the scientist invents AC Appliances  and sold them less than 2% of their value 
  2. Tesla motor's is the second oldest among american automaker behind the ford. some how some other companies were not listed as publicly.
  3. Tesla Model S is the first car that receive Motortrend's car of the year award. It's like unforgettable moment for Elon Musk.
  4. only 23% of Tesla's Stock owns by Elon Musk.
  5. Tesla was founded by Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning NOT by ELON MUSK.
  6. Tesla is huge,but not so huge as compared to companies such as FIAT, SUZUKI or ISUZU.
  7. Tesla bets $ 5 billion only on growth to make batteries for 500000 vehicles .
  8. After these all successful year for Tesla but there are only 52 showroom in US and canada,
  9. There are only six parts needed to change for regular maintenance of Tesla model. It includes only four tires and two wipers. LOL,
  10. Tesla is the most shorted stock in Market.

It's worldwide vision of Tesla that will come true in short time that to provide Renewable energy source to the world by the means of solar, Wind OR any other.
This vision is becoming true only because of this Tesla's Gigafactory.

Tesla is one of the famous electric vehicle manufacturer all over the world. So they trying to bring huge amount of electricity among the world to use these electricity to charge electric vehicles. This may be distributed wide on country like as at tool booth, Motel's on highways, long routs between two cities. so it will be beneficial for customer as well as for Tesla. It will make a user friendly environment so people able to use these all facility easily.

Actually among all the car manufactures of Automobile Tesla is the one which consumes a huge amount of Lithium-ion batteries. so this giant factory helps to provide enough battery supply to whole world. The construction works starts at 2014 and planned to complete it before 2017. As planned they wanted to make full range of production within the factory before 2020. The ultimate goal is to increase the production of batteries of lithium-ion  compared to production in the year of 2013.

To make this vision come true Panasonic helps Tesla on this mission. By the use of innovative technologies invented by Panasonic. They also uses reduction of waste strategy on a big economic scale to achieve destination. Significantly use less manufacturing cost on economic scale with the simple optimization of processing unit. They also uses the renewable energy sources to make total energy inventory of zero level.

Same as the name of giant factory comes with the production rate of factory 35GWh. like as giga watt represent the billions. One GWh is equivalent as the generating one billion watts for one hour.

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