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30 September 2016

Why batteries are more powerful than Gasoline ?

It's trending now a days that automotive vehicles is propelled by Batteries than gasoline fuel. There are many clear advantages of use batteries. some are listed below..
  • One time investment
  • More economic than gasoline
  • Turbo Charger that helps to charge batteries in few minutes
  • Charging station is available at may points which are few miles away from each other.
  • it provides more comfortable space

One time investment

it is face that most of batteries are costlier. the main reason is that the materials used in batteries. It's Lithium Ion. Which is more costlier than other materials. So its obvious thing that the manufacturing cost is higher of batteries.

economic than gasoline

Now a days  except the Gulf countries gasoline prices are hiked much and much. import and export charges added to its value extra. So it will be difficul to anyone that beat this kind of Mony exchange programme with transportation. On the other hand Batteries are easy to charge with any kind of power sources. Like Renewable  as Solar ., Wind etc. As well as it is more economica than gasoline.

Turbo Charger that helps to charge batteries in few minutes

Recently Tesla invented fastest method to charging batteries. With the use of high Current with supportive cunductors it is possible to charge your batteries in just few minutes. When Turbo charging was invented then it become possible. It's benn used in many appliances like mobile phones to Charge batteries in few minutes.

Charging stations

Cad manufacturers already know the capacity of any batteries that how much it can hold power to propell the engine. So that values make important decision. All bt all these calculations station points will be decided. So that customer wil never feel and problematic situation in any places. Generally Outside of india charging stations are available at Hotels , restaurant, toll bar etc.

 more comfortable space

If we use conventional methid to propell vehicle by engine, it required more space to handle this all messy things. On the other hand Batterues and individual motors only used for main propelling unit. So it provides more comfortable space than other vehicles.

Batterie powered vehicles don't pollutants tge environment. This is most important topic that has more weights than  gasoline. The servicing cost of gasoline engine is too higher than batteries. There is only things that have to change in batterie powered vehicle that to change Wheels and tyres. No any other maintanace cost. that  is tye big point that these all vehicles make unique impression in market to make more clean environment.

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