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17 August 2016

Boss Hoss The World's most powerful bike...😱

Yes, i am talking about Boss Hoss haviest bike
not as only in terms of weight but also in Power , torque, Engine CC, compression ratio, exhaust system ..

This motorcycle have Liquid cooled V-8 Engine with the power of 445 hp of horsepower and 445 Ft.lbs of torque at 4750 rpm.

As transmission system 4-speed automatic overdrive with 2.5' dual mufflers exhaust system with multi point fuel injection system.

The wheel and tyre specification of front & rear are as 130/90-16, 3.50"x16.0" , 235/60R-17, 8.0"x17.0". Simplify as The aspect ratio in % (the height of the sidewall divided by the tyre's width),
Denotes the tyre's construction type - in this case it's a radial, Rim diameter in inche, Load Index.

As in suspension system it consist of inverted forks and air ride. In Brake system at front and rear uses dual piston calibers floting disks. Tank's capicity is 8.5 Galen of gasoline.

Boss Hoss is actual American motorcycle manufacturers erlier in 90's by by Monte warne who is the founder of Boss Hoss.

The price of this triller bike is quite expensive but not same like the other bikes as $ 54 K in US.
Photos from Hoss Boss Official site.

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