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11 August 2016

Facts about Ford Mustang from 1967 to 2016

The first Mustang was introduced on 17th APR. 1967 at New York's Fair. Actually the name Mustang was suggested after the world war 2 on " MUSTANG FIGHTER PLANE"S " name.
Mustang is one of the favorite hot roadie vehicle from the invention. The special muscle look at front and side view same as horse. what about the power plant of Mustang ?

Produces 310 HP with Eco boost V 4 cylinder, 2.3 liter at 5500 RPM with torque of 320 Nm  at 3000 RPM, 300 HP with Turbocharged V 6 , 3.7 Liter at 6500 RPM with torque of 280 at 4000 RPM. Amazing horny sounds came when it ignites with full power. Using Aluminium block material Engines are made to reduce over weights on it.

All the models of Mustang whether it is EcoBoost , GT,  GT 350, GT 350R OR V-6 all are use six speed manual transmission. T-56 type of manual transmission is used in many vehicles as are General Motors, Dodge, Ford. They mainly used PSM (Pulse Code modulation ) for engine electronics device for make better control on it. It is the same as Standard forms of Digital audio in computers, Compact Disks, Digital audio applications.  It is simplest form of WAVEFORM CODING from analog  to digital. 

In EcoBoost and V-6 Mustang DAMB ( direct acting mechanical buckets ) are used for valve lifting mechanism. But in Other models of  GT, GT 350,  GT 350R mainly used Roller finger followers.
Fuel delivery is done by Direct injection, Sequential multi point electronic fuel injection with PSI system. Dual bright slashed cut used for the Exhaust with active valves and quad tips. 

It's interesting fact for mustang that there was no convertible type of Mustang invented. In 1977 the first mustang classic model with convertible was rolled out in market. 

Only double joint type MacPherson strut with an extra stabilizer bar is available for front 
suspension system in GT and GT 350 R. As damping system Magneride system is used.  

Ford plans for to launch next generation sync-3 system that replaces Touch part of Mustang in Premium packages.It may make more user friendly connection with driver to take more effective voice command , real view, traction OR stability control over just on a board with single click.

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