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13 June 2016

Harley Davidson Release Plans for Electric Motorcycle

Harley Davidson sure hopes so, as they have announced plans to produce an all electric motorcycle, within 5-years. Currently the bike is “actively under development,”

Harley Davidson reveled ‘The LiveWire Project’, an electric motorcycle prototype that was demoed at the International Motorcycle show and many other shows across the country. The demo bike was on a computerized like machine that walked the rider through starting and shutting down the engine, as well as allowed you to roll the throttle back and forth to get a feel of the bikes responsiveness.

The demo prototype was an unimaginably far cry from actually riding the motorcycle, but it does provide riders with an impression of the bike’s power. Notably the impressive torque, almost instantaneous – with reports of 0-60 is less than 4 seconds.

The biggest, and most obvious problem is the bike itself – electric. This will certainly prove to be a particularly hard sale to Harley fans. An electric motorcycle is about as far removed from the brand image of Harley Davidson as you can get. No rumble, no in-the-face fumes, no vibes, and no HD spirit as found in it’s other road hogs. One rider actually commenting that it sounded like it was from an episode of the ‘Jetsons’ and lacked the traditional Harley rumble that so many people love.

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