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09 January 2016

The CES 2016 : this may bring advance technology & gadgets to your home

Now finally CES 2016  is now open @ las vegas & here are some highlights of thousands of new gadgets with advance technology compatible with human life... :)

  • Pilotless drone to transport humans
This is world's largest consumer drone ever. The big thing is that it is autonomous & may carry humans for transportation. having more powerfull wings gives noticeable parameters.
  • GoSun Stove
It uses solar energy to cook meals, and will even work in the dark. so it may give an preferable idea to cook.
  • 3D Printed Objects
These are some of the objects made by a 3D printer that uses paper and glue to build models.

  • Rev Air- Drone
  • Chevy Bolt EV
GM is showing off the Chevy Bolt EV - an electric-car that will cost about $30,000 (£20,500) almost.

  • Toyota's concept hydrogen fuel car
  • VW's new BUDD-e electric minivan

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