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11 January 2016

Mercedes-Benz will launch 12 new models in 2 0 1 6

German automotive manufacture Mercedes-Benz plans to bring twelve additional models to the Indian soil in 2016. In a political candidate statement discharged by the corporate, the German automotive maker expressed that luxury sedans achieved sales growth of forty two per cent compared to last year’s figures – a phase that consists of the CLA, C-Class, E-Class and therefore the S-Class.

Also, the SUV portfolio that consists of the GLA, GLE and GL-Class saw sales growth, out and away being the strongest record achieved within the phase by the automotive maker. shortly behind, the exclusive and performance oriented section of Mercedes-AMG and therefore the Dream Cars portfolio witnessed a commendable growth of fifty four per cent as compared to previous year figures.

Replacing the prevailing models with following generation variants of a similar, Mercedes-Benz had launched 3 fully new model- GLA, CLA and therefore the Mercedes-Maybach five hundred in 2015. Company officers have mentioned that out of twelve product that the manufacturer plans to launch in 2016, some model don't have any precursor within the India market.

With Associate in Nursing extended effort to strengthen the network of the 3 pointed star, Mercedes-Benz can open ten new shops across existing and new markets. With the action of the record sales, the manufacturer marks the very best sales volume achieved since it involvement in India.

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