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09 July 2016

OMG !!! four million SuperCar unveiled by Aston Martin & Red Bull

Aston Martin and the Red Bull Racing  team jointly revealed a SuperCar concept that is expected to offer up to 1000 hp from its V-12 engine and cost between 2.5 million and 3.5 million pounds approx.

"AM-RB 001" this will be the code name of the future costly car. It will be available two-seat car and will  be limited to 99 to 150 units.

McLaren  and Ferrari in creating its own road cars, Red Bull teamed up with Aston Martin, which is one of its F1 sponsors, to develop and build the hypercar. It will be manufactured in Gaydon, where the automaker recently started building the new DB11 coupe.

The partners said the target power-to-weight ratio for the carbon-fiber-bodied car is 1-to-1, meaning it will have a power figure close to 1000 hp.

Prototypes will be on the road by late next year. Palmer said 99 cars are planned with a maximum output of 150, which would include special editions. He said 370 people had requested to be on the waiting list for the car. Palmer: said that It is  already oversubscribed.

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